good things happen when we put away our phones


Start unplugging today...

  • While you unplug, earn rewards for tagging your focus on causes, companies and activities you care about

  • Track your time being present and away from your phone

  • Snooze notifications and set status update in Slack (iOS and android) so your co-workers know when you'll be back

  • Auto reply to incoming texts and calls (android only) from anyone trying to reach you

  • Spread the power of unplugging by posting your progress on social media


Are you up for a challenge?


Unplug For A Cause: Help others while you help yourself


Feed the hungry
January 2018

Let's go "phone free" and be mindful! Together, we will track 100 hours focused on the non-profit organization, LA Family Housing, one of the largest homeless service providers in Los Angeles.

When we reach 100 hours of unplugging time focused on LAFH through the lilspace app, then The Cohan Team of Keller Williams will donate a meal to serve the 250 LA Family Housing residents transitioning out of homelessness. Watch for details and do your part!!

February 2018

Book a bike at our private Soul Cycle event and ride to raise funds for the non-profit organization, Painted Brain. PB creates lasting community-based solutions to mental health challenges and the impact of social injustice through arts, advocacy, and enterprise. 

Before and after the fundraising event, we can unplug and focus on Painted Brain through lilspace and track our hours. Once we reach ??(TBA) total hours unplugged, there will be an additional contribution made to this worthy cause. Details TBA.

Obsession with cell phones and social media is partly responsible for the rise in anxiety and depression since 2012. Let's work together and reverse the trend! 


Unplug For Rewards: Perks for being present


Phone Free Dining
February 2018

Experience real time dining at Medium Rare where you can enjoy the best steak and fries in Washington DC. 

Details TBA.


Unplug For Success: See big gains in school and at work


Unplug For Your Soul: Spirit lifting guaranteed




Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

The lilspace platform will incentivize LAMOTH patrons to put away their phones and enhance the visitor experience. Students will earn extra credit and other visitors can earn discounts at the museum gift shop and local establishments.  The lilspace partnership with LAMOTH will deepen brand loyalty and offer cross-promotional opportunities. 


Jewish Film

The mission of the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival is to preserve and celebrate Jewish heritage by providing important and exciting programming.  Through the lilspace platform, the LAJFF audience will be encouraged to put away their phones with the chance to win a free ticket to another screening. A bonus incentive is also being offered by Wood Ranch BBQ to attend another screening during the week of the festival.  


Los Angeles Family Housing

Since 1983, LAFH has become one of the largest comprehensive real estate developers and homeless service providers in Los Angeles and a regional leader providing solutions to end homelessness.

The lilspace unplugging challenge will help increase awareness about this important cause and raise funds to feed 250 residents in one of the LAFH residences.