A platform designed for YOU.


What is lilspace?

We are spreading the power of unplugging, helping people direct focus on to real-time experiences. Lilspace is an app that makes unplugging rewarding, relaxed and social at any age.

How do we help?

You can learn about the power of unplugging by exploring Resources on this website PLUS the lilspace app for iOS and android (launching Winter 2017) provides tools, rewards and community support through: 


    • by tracking how much time you are away from your phone


    • by showing you who else has put away their phone at the same place and the same time

  • PERKS + Rewards

    • by incentivizing you to put away your phone with the chance to earn rewards


    • by allowing you to encourage others to put away their phone through social media

Want to partner with us? 

We promote businesses, organizations and causes that want to make real life way more engaging so you're not tempted to just stare at your screen. Using the lilspace app means you can responsibly disconnect from your phone and begin to live in the moment “hands free”.

If you know of a business or organization that wants to encourage people to put away their phones, let us know!



the lilspace team